Mass. Assoc. of Insurance Agents

Role: Associate Creative Director

MAIA represents independent agents all over Massachusetts, and they know that consumers don’t understand the value of having an independent agent over the big guys. With this campaign, we set out to “edutain” people about agents’ value and to hit them at key life stages in order to make an impact.

I developed the campaign tagline, “Live Boldly. Prepare Accordingly.” while working with the team to develop a fun, modern multi-channel insurance campaign and microsite that humanizes agents and matches people with the right agents for them.



The tone is snarky and fun as users fill out basic information in order to get matched up with actual agents in their area — not an agency website. Agent profiles are complete with interests, community activities, favorite sports and more. There’s also light educational material to ensure users know why an independent agent is better. View the video walk through below or visit


Bold Locals Videos

In a series of 15-second spots, we set out to grab people’s attention, break through the insurance clutter out there, AND educate people on the benefits of an independent agent. It’s a lot for 15 seconds. See how we did.



Spotify Ad

Getting attention is totally different with audio.


Banner Ads

Edutainment can’t be complete without banner ads driving to the microsite. They key was just enough info to get people prepared and ready for the site experience.