Big Data & Analytics

My work spanned multiple IBM properties. From script to screen, I led the development of videos including tech trend conversations and a content series that examined how business partners were using IBM solutions to make the unimaginable possible. All content was part of a larger effort to drive .com site traffic and help drive sales.

For both and Mobile Business Insights, I worked on naming projects, banner ads, website content, and story ideas for influencers.

C-Suiters, and CTOs in particular. The goal was to help this B2B audience keep their businesses secure while providing the right IBM solutions to drive innovation and change in the marketplace.

To drive engagement and sales, we had to do more than regular old talking head videos. Our approach varied between series, but we combined interviews with behind-the-scenes b-roll, black and white footage, and bold art cards to drive the message forward and keep the pace up. It was fascinating and exciting work. For the web properties, the aim was the same—keep the energy and intensity while providing hyper-relevant content that rose to the level worthy of the audience.


IBM Web Properties
Mobile Business Insights from IBM