Live Boldly. Prepare Accordingly.

MAIA represents independent insurance agents all over Massachusetts—and it was their first time making a splash with a digital-only marketing campaign. I was the ACD leading the project, and I developed the campaign tagline, “Live Boldly. Prepare Accordingly.” while working with the team to develop a multi-channel ad campaign and microsite that humanized agents and showed why independent is better.

Consumers who don’t understand the value of using an independent insurance agent over Geico or State Farm directly (which is most of them). With this campaign, we set out to “edutain” people about the value of working with an independent agent while celebrating individuality and targeting the audience at key life stages.

We created a matchmaking experience to help build human connections between consumer and agent. The tone of voice paired matter-of-fact snark with helpful insights, tips, and tidbits. Agent profiles were complete with interests, community activities, and favorite sports to name a few. Watch a video walk through of the experience below.

Drivers to the microsite included a series of 15-second spots, banners, and audio ads, where we set out to grab people’s attention, break through the insurance clutter, AND educate people on the benefits of an independent agent. It’s a lot to accomplish. See how we did.


"Bold Locals" Spots

Display + Audio Ads