MasterCard Travel & Insights


Role: Copywriter

MasterCard wanted to re-vamp its travel site to be more than just a “me-too” offering amid a sea of travel-booking engines. I came up with two overarching concepts — Jet. Set. Go. and Escape Planning — which you’ll see visualized here. Each concept includes social sharing, group-planning capabilities, and push notifications in order to make the customer journey one that lasts from before to after travel.

Jet. Set. Go. The VIP Travel Experience from MasterCard asks users to “choose their set” before turning them into jet setters, sail setters and trek setters. It re-imagines the way people book travel and makes it an exclusive, pleasurable experience from the start.

Escape Planning. Plan for Extraordinary provides ample inspiration and stunning photography to help foster the imaginations of site visitors as they begin to plan their dream escapes. Social sharing is front and center since personal recommendations are so prevalent in travel today.

After the travel site, MasterCard asked us to visualize its latest Small Business Technology Study and to create an engaging microsite that would not only attract small business merchants but also media, industry analysts and government agencies who were looking for credible data to support their needs. The challenge was to make the site malleable enough for each unique visitor to be able to access and consume only the information they needed.

Kaleidoscope. I came up with this concept as a way to not only imply the data’s malleability but to allow for it to happen in a visually compelling and beautiful way. The Small Business Technology study became an analysis of the continually shifting patterns affecting merchants, but also a tactical tool that they (and all audiences) could interact with and own in order to access and then share the data that’s valuable to them from the study.