Mass. Assoc. of Insurance Agents

Role: Associate Creative Director

MAIA represents independent agents all over Massachusetts — and it was their first time making a splash with a digital-only marketing campaign. The problem they were solving for: consumers don’t understand the value of using an independent insurance agent over Geico or State Farm directly. With this campaign, we set out to “edutain” people about agents’ value while celebrating individuality and targeting our audience at key life stages.

It became a match-making site of sorts for consumers and agents. I developed the campaign tagline, “Live Boldly. Prepare Accordingly.” while working with the team to develop a multi-channel ad campaign and microsite that humanizes agents and shows why independent is better.



The tone is snarky yet educational as users fill out basic information in order to get matched up with individual agents in their area — they’re not simply sent to an agency website. Agent profiles are complete with interests, community activities, and favorite sports to name a few. Tips and tidbits around the site promote the value of an independent agent. View the video walk through below.


Bold Locals Videos

In a series of 15-second spots, we set out to grab people’s attention, break through the insurance clutter out there, AND educate people on the benefits of an independent agent. It’s a lot for 15 seconds. See how we did.



Spotify Ad

Getting attention is totally different with audio.


Banner Ads

Edutainment can’t be complete without banner ads driving to the microsite. They key was just enough info to get people prepared and ready for the site experience.



Olympic Paint

Role: Senior Copywriter

Olympic Rescue It! deck resurfacer had some issues in the marketplace. Consumers weren’t prepping their decks properly, which resulted in negative product experiences. I spearheaded the creative development and execution of an education campaign that used scripted video, digital and social to get the word out about how much prep matters. The campaign, Prep Matters, was integrated across PR and marketing to provide 360-degree client support. We cast professional contractor, Dominick Amorosso, as our influencer to make the message more accessible to the target.

Video Series






The social and video campaigns led people to the Olympic site for more information and where to purchase.


ONE Condoms

Role: Associate Creative Director, Copywriter

ONE Condoms was launching a brand-new product: myONE Perfect Fit condoms, available in 56 sizes for added safety and pleasure. It’s the first time anything like it was approved for use in the U.S., so it was important to make a splash. I led the pitch…and even went out on the streets of Boston for a little first-hand research about condom use (see the evidence below).

The campaign, Free Your Sex, was about celebrating the freedom we can feel from safe sex. It was about awareness of this product first and foremost, but beyond that, it was meant to be a larger social campaign about sexual freedom, openness and acceptance.


Free Your Sex Concept


Free Your Sex Concept Video


Woman-On-the-Street Video about Condom Use


Tyco / ANSUL Fire Protection

Role: Senior Copywriter

ANSUL is the name in fire protection. You’ve never met a group of people more passionate about what they do. For its 100th anniversary, I led the team as we pitched and executed the Passion for Fire Protection campaign. An interactive, virtual museum complete with a video series featuring real ANSUL customers and employees helped commemorate the milestone.


Passion for Fire Protection Videos

I was on set to interview ANSUL employees and customers about their experiences and memories of ANSUL. Every single person had clear passion for the brand and it comes through. Watch two from the series below.



Virtual Museum Website Tour

Take a quick tour of the museum website experience featuring multiple wings and many facts about the history of fire protection. Or check it out for yourself.


Print and Social



Role: Associate Creative Director, Copywriter

HARMAN needed a way to introduce its new Connected Services division to a B2B audience — so I thought the only way to do it was by creating a whole new medium. Introducing the infopaper. It’s an interactive, digital whitepaper that incorporates a fictional narrative, influencer opinions, infographical stats, and HARMAN sales information to educate, entertain and drive response.

It launched at Mobile World Congress with an integrated paid, owned and earned campaign. Results greatly surpassed benchmarks and expectations.

Page Family Foundation

Role: Senior Copywriter / Copy Lead

The Page Family Foundation had a goal to make kids, teachers and families healthier in Oakland, California. How? With Shoo the Flu, a free in-school vaccination program that required no insurance and no need for parents to take time off work for a doctor visit. The challenge was to get the message across to a diverse, multi-generational and multi-lingual audience who is already skeptical about vaccines.

One of my favorite tasks was naming and writing bios for the cartoon flu characters who helped us teach kids that getting the flu vaccine isn’t so scary after all. I was the sole copywriter for a parallax website, print flyers, outdoor, video, social and more. It was a fully integrated paid, owned and earned campaign with content translated into 6 languages and distributed to thousands of students and their families.


Educational Video

Collaborating with the multimedia team, I concepted, scripted and directed this video detailing a day in the life of the in-school vaccination program. The goal was to help parents, teachers and students understand what to expect.


Website, Outdoor, Print, Digital and More


Project Management Institute

Role: Associate Creative Director, Creative Lead

PMI, the world’s largest professional organization for project managers, had a brand continuity problem. I led the creative team as we pitched a fully integrated global campaign that would help unite and humanize the brand. A big piece of solving that was featuring real project professionals in advertising and redefining their brand voice as relatable, empowering and straightforward across paid, owned and experiential channels.

We conducted photo shoots abroad to fuel creative. In all, I led the team through campaigns for events, education and more, which included digital banners, audio ads, video and social. I worked with copywriters and art directors to push the brand and deliver cohesive, effective creative driving response and brand awareness.

John Deere

Role: Associate Creative Director, Copywriter

John Deere is changing the way the world farms with precision agriculture technology. It’s helping farmers all over the globe do more with less time, money and resources. The problem: not everyone knows about it or understands it fully, including farmers, dealers and media. Our goal was to make the conversation accessible to all these audiences while playing up the benefits and getting more people to join in. I spearheaded a multi-channel campaign that did just that.


Narrative Video

Part of our hurdle was farmers don’t always trust new technology. They trust the way their family has been farming for generations. To help gain points with our main audience, we had one family help give context with a look at how the technology helps them every day. From concept to script to screen, I led a team as we brought their unique story to life. I directed on location, worked with the family to capture the right content, and then headed to the editing room where what you see below came to be.

Interactive Infographic

To help individual John Deere dealerships start the conversation with customers, I helped craft an interactive experience that gives farmers a concise, high-level look at the main benefits of precision ag. It lives on and off-line (in case any of those farmers need to set up the meeting in the middle of 10,000 acres).

Print, Social and More


Citizens Bank

Role: Copywriter

Citizens Bank wanted help promoting their brand on social. I planned monthly content calendars and wrote for Facebook and Twitter to both engage fans and followers and promote their products and programs.

In honor of National Financial Literacy Month, we asked people to nominate their money mentors by posting the advice they’ve been given with #moneymentor. The top quotes were aggregated and pushed live on a special Facebook tab.