Easy. Effortless. Insured.

Blink is a new kind of insurance brand, endorsed by Chubb and created from the ground up for the digital-first consumer who wants what they want without any extra baggage. Forget the rigid structures from insurance brands of yesteryear, Blink gives users one policy they can customize easily to help keep all the facets of their lives protected.

I developed its unique tone of voice and led strategy and content on the agency side.

The millennial consumer—in all their variety and facets—who expects a seamless digital experience that’s customizable, easy, and gets right to the point.

Like in many good stories, a metaphor helps introduce the concept of Blink: a user’s policy is like an ice cream cone; they can fill it up with as many flavors or types of coverage as they want. Even better, the whole experience is delightful and easy. I developed its ownable tone of voice that uses short, staccato sentences with matter-of-fact attitude to help the copy blend well with the design.

Brand & Product Experience

Meet Scoop. Blink's digital assistant.

Thanks for the support, Scoop!