All-in-one Finance for Business

Brex offers all-in-one finance for fast-growing businesses. Get a cash account, corporate cards, expense management and so much more with no fees, higher limits, and better rewards.

I worked with both the brand team and the growth marketing team to develop and write landing page tests, social ads for Facebook and LinkedIn, search campaigns, sales emails, and anything else that needed a writer’s touch as the brand continued to grow into itself.

Small, mid-market and enterprise businesses all make up Brex’s customers—each with their own concerns, journeys, and goals. From emails to Facebook ads, copy was tested and targeted by industry, business size, job title, and more.

I worked with cross-functional teams to help ensure brand consistency, hone value props, and ship content. With so many product offerings, part of the challenge was simplifying the brand message so it was easily understood without watering down its breadth. Naturally, that meant a lot of test-analyze-repeat.

Sample Work