Digital Business Accelerated

“Digital Business Accelerated” is a research-driven,* global campaign analyzing the impact of technology on small and mid-sized businesses. We provided insight into the top digital trends driving growth along with strategies to safeguard against risk. I led strategy and content on the agency side.

*In partnership with Accenture, Chubb surveyed nearly 1,500 small and mid-sized companies from around the world. While the original survey took place pre-COVID, the campaign was even more relevant when it launched during the pandemic.

Ultimately, the audience was small and mid-sized business owners, but another challenge was how to educate and engage insurance agents in order to help them leverage the content for their own businesses and clients.

The campaign paired modern, elegant design with narrative storytelling in a variety of short and long-form content. At the center of it all was the research report (whatever you do, don’t call it a while paper), which springboarded to trend videos, webinars, emails, case studies, display and social ads, and more. Launching first in the US, additional content was developed to highlight findings from each region.

Campaign Elements

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