Agriculture Is Evolving

John Deere is changing the way the world farms with precision agriculture technology. It’s helping farmers worldwide do more with less time, money, and resources—but the technology is still new, and there’s a necessary learning curve. Our challenge was to get past the skepticism and help farmers understand how John Deere’s precision ag technology can help them and their businesses thrive in order to keep up with growing demand.

I was the Associate Creative Director and Copywriter for this multi-channel campaign, which featured a range of narrative storytelling plus more hard-working educational experiences to help deliver the message.

The primary audience was farmers (aka growers), but John Deere dealers and media were important secondary audiences. Farmers, as a group, tend to be skeptical of new technology and can be slow to adopt new ways of doing things. As part of the Agriculture Is Evolving campaign, we created sales tools to help dealers further illuminate the tech’s tangible benefits.

Our goal was to make the conversation accessible to each audience, regardless of the varying degrees of understanding of the technology—and to bypass skepticism that might arise from a big brand coming in and trying to sell people a new way of doing things.

We knew, however, that growers tend to trust their own, so we built the campaign around a narrative video detailing how one multi-generational farm family in Maryland used John Deere’s precision ag products to run their farm. From concept to script to screen, I led a team as we brought the Rose Family’s unique story to life. I directed on location, worked with the family to capture the right content, and then headed to the editing room where what you see below came to be.

I also worked on dealership materials, including posters, pamphlets, social, and an interactive tablet experience to help visualize how the technology can support operations in every season. Dealers would use the materials in sales calls and in-person meetings.

Narrative Video

Interactive Infographic

Print, Social + Dealership Materials

Conceptual Execution
Event Social
Print Collateral
Dealership Materials