John Deere

Role: Associate Creative Director, Copywriter

John Deere is changing the way the world farms with precision agriculture technology. It’s helping farmers all over the globe do more with less time, money and resources. The problem: not everyone knows about it or understands it fully, including farmers, dealers and media. Our goal was to make the conversation accessible to all these audiences while playing up the benefits and getting more people to join in. I spearheaded a multi-channel campaign that did just that.


Narrative Video

Part of our hurdle was farmers don’t always trust new technology. They trust the way their family has been farming for generations. To help gain points with our main audience, we had one family help give context with a look at how the technology helps them every day. From concept to script to screen, I led a team as we brought their unique story to life. I directed on location, worked with the family to capture the right content, and then headed to the editing room where what you see below came to be.

Interactive Infographic

To help individual John Deere dealerships start the conversation with customers, I helped craft an interactive experience that gives farmers a concise, high-level look at the main benefits of precision ag. It lives on and off-line (in case any of those farmers need to set up the meeting in the middle of 10,000 acres).

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