Sometimes to amuse myself I live in a story. Growing up in Massachusetts I often read about how fabulous people lived fabulous lives in New York City. And here I am. I get to live those stories now, and it’s all fabulous in its own way. Perhaps to remind myself from whence my dream to live in the Big Apple came, I’ll tell stories in my head as I do the regular mundane things I do. Here’s one now. Stay tuned for more.

The birds, flowers, honking horns and humans all collide on a sweltering Monday morning in New York City. Buzzing like bees, each commuter charts his or her course five steps ahead. The more practiced of speed walkers can weave around, duck, and outpace any tourist stuck in the way. Occasionally two of these experts meet…misjudging the other’s move. They reach a momentary impasse with either frustration or apologies and then carry on.