The Fastest Growing Homeownership Company

Fintech startup was on a mission to make home ownership more accessible to more Americans. I was hired as the first Copy Director to help shape brand messaging and tone of voice and to oversee its execution across channels and within the product.

With a topic as complicated as mortgages, the biggest task was making the messaging easy to understand. I worked closely with cross-functional leaders, including compliance to get it all done and shipped.

Audiences were varied and vast across the product journey—from homeowners and homebuyers on the happy path to those with not-so-great credit still hoping for a loan; as well as investors, partners, and a myriad more niche targets within each group. Part of the ongoing challenge was identifying and targeting new audiences on the regular.

Building the brand was a constant dance of establishing messaging then optimizing and testing across channels. New products were popping up nearly each week, so it was also about building a brand architecture that worked and a story that helped weave it all together.

I led content strategy and copywriting for the website and landing pages, organic and paid social, display, direct mail, video, sales scripts, email and SMS lifecycle marketing, search…even a podcast that never saw the light of day. The team grew rapidly during my tenure (along with my experience).

Sample Work

Marathon shoot day
Marathon shoot day